Ollie Ollerton

An energetic and a highly motivated former UK Special Forces operative, Ollie Ollerton amassed extensive experience in various covert international missions over a military career that spanned almost two decades.

Now a star of Channel 4’s hit TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins and successful businessman, Ollie has made an incredible transition to inspirational personality and champion of various charitable causes.

Joining the Royal Marines Commandos aged 18, Ollie toured in Northern Ireland and Iraq. Subsequently recommended for Special Forces, Ollie was one of only seven candidates out of 250 who passed his six-month course, and he progressed to train as a combat frogman with the Special Boat Service.

During six years with the SBS, he undertook a number of high-profile missions in a variety of locations both on land and sea, including hostage rescue, counter narcotics, counter terrorism, homeland security, counter insurgency operations and humanitarian efforts.

On leaving the military, Ollie worked as a private security contractor for various projects in the Middle east and was also one of a team of three that infiltrated a child trafficking ring in South East Asia, saving many children destined for the sex trade. This kind of charitable work is very close to Ollie’s heart, and he is now an ambassador of StrongMen – which aims to tackle emotional and mental health issues brought about by the suffering from bereavement – and of The Royal Marines Charity.

Selected as one of the notorious Directing Staff on Channel 4’s gruelling SAS: Who Dares Wins, Ollie is famous for sharing his incredible knowledge, experience and mentoring with the civilians who take on the show. This expertise has leant itself to a successful business, set up to allow his training and experience to benefit others. BREAK-POINT provides leadership and development courses to the public and corporate sector also supporting veterans suffering the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.

From Ollie’s driving ambition to help others the way the military mindset and training has helped him, has come Battle Ready 360, the health and wellness app developed alongside fellow Special Forces operative and co-star of SAS: Who Dares Wins, Jason Fox.

Battle Ready 360 gives every person, no matter who they are, the ability to have Ollie and Foxy’s elite training, knowledge and guidance in the palm of their hand.

Battle Ready 360 is built around the belief that adopting the right mindset is the first step in embarking on personal growth, allowing people to be the best version of themselves. It comes from Ollie and Foxy’s almost 40 combined years of military service, including 16 years in the Special Boat Service, and the tools and empowerment techniques developed through these years of experience.

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