Sam Laird

Sam is a highly motivated individual, loving father to his daughter, Heidi, and has a real heart to help people, both physically and mentally. He served for over 12 years as an Elite Royal Marines Commando and is now a member of the Battle Ready 360 and BreakPoint Team, as well as running his own Personal Training businesses; ‘Assault Fitness’ and is part of the Promotion team for an MMA show known as ‘Evolution of Combat’.

Sam signed up for the Royal Marines at the young age of 16 and began training at just 17 years old. He was one of 11 recruits to proceed from an original 60 men started. From training, he went progressed to a fighting unit, known as 45 Commando, where he spent the majority of his career. He completed a tour in Northern Ireland, three tours in Afghanistan and was also awarded ‘The Commanding Officers Award for Outstanding Performance, twice.

Sam has always been an avid sports person, competing in Judo from 11 years old, accomplishing his Black Belt the same year he earned his coveted Green Beret. He has also. and still does. compete to a high level in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling; winning in both local competitions and major competitions, such as the Pan Ams in New York. He has also competed in Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and long distance running, which includes competing and winning in a 50 mile race across the Falkland islands for his unit.

On leaving the Marines, he completed a Close Protection Course, then went out to conduct a solo mission trip in Zambia, during which, he helped provide clean water to orphanages and schools and helped with a feeding project. On return, he took a job at a pupil referral unit as a High Support Worker, and later a teaching assistant, to help with pupils struggling with main-stream education. Even though he found this a fulfilling and challenging role, Sam wanted to try and do more for others, so he left employment at the school and became qualified as a Personal Trainer and set up his own business, with a vision to focus more on the benefits of exercise for mental health, rather than for vanity.

At the beginning of 2019, he reconnected with his friend, Ollie, and after hearing about the vision and the work that Breakpoint where doing, he joined the team and is now involved in many aspects of functions and events, as well as helping create the Battle Ready 360 program.

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